Edge Sculptures

Edge Sculptures by Matt Buckley 

Welcome to the captivating world of Edge Sculptures by renowned artist Matt Buckley. These highly original and unique statement pieces are a testament to Matt Buckley's exceptional talent in capturing the essence of animals and mythical creatures. Born to be Wild Series, one of the standout collections, showcases the fusion of tradition and contemporary design.

Sculpted in clay by local artist Matt Buckley at his studios in Shropshire, each piece is meticulously hand-cast from a special blend of marble stone. The sculptures are then brought to life through the skilled hands of a team of talented artists who hand-paint each piece in Shropshire studios.

Matt Buckley's Edge Sculptures transcend traditional artistic boundaries, influenced more by style than subject. The emotionally evocative resin figurines, from the Hedgehog to a range of mythical creatures, reflect Buckley's unique approach to form, light, and texture.

Originally sculpted in clay to allow for creative freedom, each piece is carefully cast using ceramic polystone to faithfully reproduce the intricate details. The finishing touch involves the skilled application of hand finishing and painting, transforming each sculpture into a dynamic and organic masterpiece.

Discover the eclectic range of Edge Sculptures, each a collectible centrepiece and conversation starter for any space. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Matt Buckley and bring a touch of emotion and modernity into your home or business. Explore the range and delve into the details of each sculpture below.