Custom Made Curtains, Beautifully Crafted in Cleckheaton

We have a wide selection of made to measure curtains available at the showroom with hundreds of fabrics, colours and styles to choose from. These can be made to any width and depth and can be lined, interlined or blackout/thermal lining.

A full range of fabrics is available to view within the showroom.


Our in-house workroom allows us to order any fabric of your choosing and create your bespoke requirements from scratch. We’ll even work with existing curtains, blinds and soft furnishings to produce what you exactly require, rather than a ‘make-do’ off-the-shelf alternative.


Curtain Adjustment Service

Call us for help and advise.


Curtain/Fabric Blind Lining

It all depends on your room and lifestyle, but we have a wide range of curtain linings to select. With over 30 years experience in this industry, we are very particular about the material that we use, so you can be assured that whatever lining is selected, it will last you for years to come.


Bespoke Curtain Designs

We love a challenge here at Inches – the more complicated the window, the more fun it is. In the past we have dressed some fabulous windows, from 16th Century Ballrooms, to brand new, modern lounges.

Styles come and go and trends can change, but the basic principles of window dressing will always remain the same. That’s why we have the know-how to use any style curtain heading, tieback and pelmet.