Timeless paints   -   Environmentally friendly   -    All Manufactured in the UK
Little Greene recommends testing a colour before purchase to ensure you are happy with the final result.
Sample Pots are available in the Absolute Matt Emulsion - perfect for testing colour on your own walls.
Absolute Matt Emulsion is our original classic flat paint for walls and has the most matt finish offered by any Little Greene paint. 
Intelligent Matt Emulsion is the most popular of our ‘Intelligent Paints’ family and is more durable and completely washable – perfect for high traffic areas.
Intelligent Eggshell is a water-based paint, formulated to resist moisture, staining, and general wear and tear. It has a tough yet subtle finish and is a superb paint for woodwork and kitchen & bathroom walls.
Flat Oil Eggshell is a more traditional, oil-based paint with a gloss level of 15-20% suitable for most surfaces including woodwork and primed metals. 
Intelligent Satinwood paint is the perfect choice for painting kitchen cabinets, skirting boards, as it is hard-wearing and washable. For a lower sheen finish, Intelligent Eggshell makes a suitable alternative. 
For painting radiators, we recommended using Little Greene Intelligent Satinwood or Intelligent Gloss. Unlike all modern-day solvent-based paints, they are guaranteed not to yellow upon exposure to heat.
Order an undercoat in the same colour as your chosen top coat to achieve the best finish possible. 
Delivery is FREE on any Little Greene paint or sample pots.