What Does Luxury Mean to You?

When you hear the word luxury, you inevitably think of plush furnishings and comfort, but oddly, that wasn’t always the case. The Latin word luxus denoted the type of luxury that we’ve now come to expect, whereas another, similar-sounding word luxuria was used to show offence. The French used these terms as the Romans had designed them to be, but typically, our Tudor forbears adopted only the latter into our lexicon, with Shakespeare making use of it liberally when referring to adulteress activities. Thankfully, the more undesirable aspect of the word dropped away and was replaced with a more pleasant, deluxe meaning.

Inches Curtains - Luxurious Curtains
Inches Curtains - Luxury Curtains

So what does luxury mean to you? Is it a guilt-free lazy day in the garden, soaking up the sun with a cool drink, or a spa and massage, maybe a comfy sofa and a good film or even a shopping expedition down in London’s West End? Whatever it is, it’s your idea of luxury – or luxuriousness! Wait! There’s still ambiguity. Here at Inches, we pride ourselves on our luxurious ranges of curtains and furnishings, but we don’t exclusively deal in luxury. Why not? The word luxury tends toward the very expensive, while luxurious involves enjoying the pleasures of luxury. The difference is subtle but important. We offer our customers the benefits of luxury without the ridiculous price tags that are often associated with it. We don’t sell £1,000 ‘one-size-fits-all’ handbags or inflated-priced cushions emblazoned with designer logos. Comfort and style are our watchwords – with a splash of bespoke tailoring. Why don’t you drop in when we reopen and have a look for yourself. You’ll be pleased that you did.

Inches Curtains - Luxury in the Home