Thinking of New Curtains?

Why you should think custom made curtains

I hear the arguments all the time; “they’re a bit long”, “they’ll be OK if they don’t shrink”, and “they’re designed for a wider window really”. Not so much ‘arguments’, as much as self-convincing discussions. The truth is, that no matter how you look at it, custom made curtains are the best option – full stop!

Inches Custom made curtainsCustom made curtains are the only real option for non-standard sized windows, but there are many, many more reasons why the bespoke approach is the best choice. OK, so they’re more expensive than their standard-sized cousins, obviously, as they require expert precision and care right from the initial measurements, through choice of fabrics and peripherals to be used, right up to making and finally, fitting. The amount of fabric used in a custom made curtains curtain is also likely to be increased (dependant upon pattern), as it’s crucial for the bespoke elements to match rather than just hang in a ready-made, ‘fingers crossed’ fashion. In short, the bespoke finished custom made curtains product will last much longer, as it’s created specifically for the place and task for which it was designed.

Ready-made curtains rarely come with the options that are available with custom made curtains. Pleated curtain headings are a case in point. Bespoke offers a great deal of alternative finishes due to their complexity, such as eyelet, and double or triple pinch pleat. Sometimes this little extra thought can make a massive difference. Fabric combinations that help to keep a room warm during the winter months yet cooler during warmer times of the year are tricky to find in ready-made ranges. Blackout, interlining and even thermal or acoustic fabrics are generally not offered in standard ‘off the shelf’ ranges. With custom made curtains – anything goes, in whichever mix of fabric and lining you desire. Other accessories, such as pelmets, valances and/or swags can also be made to fit in seamlessly with the curtains. Even cushions can be made in the same vein. These extra touches will help to enhance a room. They just fit.

In short, custom made curtains gives the option to source fabrics that are specifically suited to your own personal taste. This, coupled with your own particular choice of lining ensures an unrivalled level of quality in the finished product. Even though this article mentions a more expensive outcome throughout, you may be surprised at how little a custom made solution might cost. Why not pop in and discuss your options? What have you got to lose? Whatever you choose to do though, the bottom line? You and everyone who sees them will be able to tell the difference!