Small Interior Changes, Big Home Improvements.

Little touches to update your home. 

With a new year around the corner you are probably looking forward to getting 2020 done and dusted. So let's start 2021 with a fresh new look, here are a few small touches to get you started. Making some small simple changes can often have a big impact on a space. 

Interior colour co-ordination

Making such a simple change like swapping a blanket to match the colour of your scatter cushions can pull a room's style together. Making a small change like this can give a room a statement colour and make an area look luxurious as a cohesive theme is followed throughout. Adding a statement colour to a space is a great way to add consistency to a room without spending a lot of money. We have a selection of Paoletti home furnishings to suit your interior stylings in a range of colours. 

Cushions arranged in a floral basket

A new lick of paint

A new lick of paint is an affordable and effortless way to give a room an update. The colour of your walls is a determining factor on how your room will look and feel, so it’s important to choose the right tones for your space. Whether it’s a classic statement wall or a more contemporary take on painting, using colours to match your room is quintessential for creating a finished look. We stock a vast range of luxury wallpapers and paints from brands including Harlequin, Sanderson, Littlegreene, Morris and Co and Scion so you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing to redecorate, pop in and browse at your leisure.  


Small paint cans in bold colours

Soft furnishings for your home

Changing your curtains or blinds can make a big impact on a space, something as straightforward as changing the type of fabric of your curtains to alter the way the fabric drapes can change the room's atmosphere. You’ve surely heard your mum say she’s swapping out the winter curtains? Well that’s because the fabric is denser and helps insulate your room on colder nights, lighter materials like linen are preferable for warmer months however. The choice of colour or pattern can help brighten a room, choosing soft light colours can make a room feel bigger, while rich jewel tones can help create a comfortable, warm atmosphere. Come and arrange an appointment to discuss custom made curtains and blinds, made for you. 

Burnt orange, rust and white toned curtain and blinds

Implementing these small changes to your home can give it a new lease of life and totally transform a room. Over time these changes cost a lot less than starting fresh and outright changing the way a space looks. A cushion here, a lamp there it all adds up and once you step back, you can see how these little additions create a happy cozy environment that you can’t wait to get back to at the end of a long day.