Shopping – The Movie!

We’ve all been there. Probably on both sides of the conversation. Recommending a film because it was so engaging. Being recommended a film and feeling underwhelmed by the description and therefore unlikely to watch it. The problem is that until you actually watch the film yourself, you can only go on second-hand information. Quite often, a new film is blasted out through media and advertising and is so over-hyped by the time it’s finally released that it turns out to be such an anti-climax. I’ve experienced this disappointment before, and I’m sure you have too. On the other side of the coin, it’s quite conceivable that for some reason the critics slam a film that surprises us when we see it because it’s not at all as bad as the “experts” make out. I know this has happened to me several times. So much so that I prefer to make up my own mind and ignore all the hype. 

I’ve often found online shopping to offer a similar experience. Everything looks great. The colours seem to be just right. Sizes are always an estimation, but that’s a risk most people are willing to take.  And there are usually positive reviews plus celebrity endorsement. So why am I always disappointed? I’m going to make a bold statement based on strong belief and years of experience. Online shopping has none of the things on which Inches Curtains and Furnishings is based.

Our Cleckheaton located store has been built with personal service at the forefront. By asking just a few questions, we can generally understand what exactly it is that you’re after. We know that the colours displayed on a screen seldom match or do justice to the actual shades and depths of the products. This is especially true of the top quality fabrics and other items that we carry. Colour’s one thing, but perhaps an even more important factor is texture. There’s no substitute for a rub between finger and thumb or a passing stroke whilst walking past. I’m always petting my fabrics just for the sensation they offer. Perhaps I should get a cat?

So, just like the over-hyped movies that we’re regularly and customarily subjected to, and which subsequently I avoid, I’m much happier buying my goods from a place where I can weigh them up, prod them, feel the quality, and see what they really look like. The fact that these real places have help, expertise and alternatives on hand is just a bonus. When was the last time you got an immediate and useful response from Amazon? I’m guessing never! That doesn’t happen at Inches, because at Inches – we always go the extra mile!