Purple Day

And the best colour in the world is…?

Inches Curtains - Purple CarrotsIf you answered “purple” then you’re correct. Well done. It’s so good it’s regarded as the colour of royalty, February is lucky enough to have a representative purple birthstone (the amethyst) and it’s been nominated and won Oscars (The Color Purple and Purple Rain). There’s even an Oscar Fish, which is purple! Coincidence? I think not!

The Roman Emporer Nero was so thrilled to be in that lofty position that he actually made the wearing of the colour purple by all but the Emporer (himself) punishable by death. One of his predecessors, Emperor Caligula had already set the precedent by having the King of Mauritania murdered for wearing a shade of purple that he decided looked better than his own.

Now we’re not quite that obsessed here at Inches, but we are rather partial to the purpler shades of the spectrum. Anybody who’s visited the shop when Karen’s not out measuring or fitting knows that! Purple is often regarded as an uplifting colour. It’s sensible with an underlying sense of fun and mischief. It’s nature’s curveball. Ancient carrots were bizarrely purple and so interesting that they’re making a comeback! And aubergines? Where do you start with aubergines? There are also lots of animals of varying shades of purple, such as butterflies, birds, fish and Photoshopped tigers. There’s even a purple bird on the flag of Dominica, which I think is the only world flag to feature this most fantastic of hues. Shame on you, countries of the world!

Shades of purple are often used in spas, as it’s considered as a calming influence. Good for the nerves. Settling for the mind and spirit. Perhaps that’s why nature chose that particular shade for its aromatic champion, lavender?

Inches Curtains - Lavender

Now you’ve probably been wondering why we chose to entitle this article “Purple Day”. You’ve no doubt been fretting about it whilst reading through the previous paragraphs and biting your nails with worry in case we failed to disclose the meaning? Fret no more, as all is about to be revealed. March 26th is Purple Day. It was the brainchild of Cassidy Megan from Nova Scotia in Canada, in the hope that it will heighten the profile of epilepsy and the issues associated with it around the world. A very noble cause I’m sure we all agree. The colour was chosen specifically for the calming properties that it holds, as mentioned above.

Wow! Is there any more phenomenal colour than purple? In a word – no!

As fantastic as this colour is though, we don’t expect every curtain and cushion cover that leaves our shop to be firmly bound to its shade guide. We’re quite happy to diversify into other avenues of colour, but only if you suffer from Porphyrophobia, which is a fear of the colour purple! Yes, that’s a real thing. And no, we’re only joking. You can have any colour at all. But you really should consider purple. Really!

Inches Curtains - Flag of Dominica with purple bird

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