Curtain Tips for Summer

What to talk about? What does anyone ever talk about at the moment? Sometimes it’s coronavirus. Other times it COVID 19. Perhaps the lockdown? Maybe even social distancing! It can get you down if you let it. That’s why I thought I’d focus on something more appealing, like summer sunshine, breezes and longer days.

The days are actually becoming longer and warmer, and soon there will be a gentle breeze flowing through the open windows and doors. Even though we’re still in lockdown (sorry, we just can’t get away from it entirely), summer is finally just around the corner. Soon, you won’t be needing those heavy cold-defence curtains any more – at least for a few months at any rate. It’s time to think about more bright and airy decor. But what’s the best plan forward? No need to panic. We’ve got it all in hand.

First things first, what curtain material should we use? Ooh! Good question! Linen’s always a popular choice due to its lightweight and natural fibres. Lots of other quality synthetic-mix choices are available though in a dizzyingly large range of styles. These are often a more cost-effective option, especially when seasonal interior changes are being made, and often come with pre-treated functional characteristics for protection and to aid ease-of-use.

Lighter coloured curtains lead to a brighter and airier room. Some rooms need more than a white or neutral colour palette though if they’re to achieve a satisfying summer look. These same lighter colours, as well as pastel shades, however, tend to work well with strong coloured or patterned furniture. And lighter colours, shades and materials always work better in the warmer months, as they don’t absorb the summer’s heat as readily as their darker, heavier counterparts, leading to an altogether less oppressive atmosphere. Added to this, and as odd as it might seem, curtain lining can help to keep a room cooler. It offers the same functional characteristics that help a room retain warmth in the winter, keeping out the heat of the glaring sunlight. Another consideration to bear in mind is that as south-facing rooms tend to heat up during the daytime, thermal curtains (yes – ‘thermal’) can help to reject the sun’s over-warmth. Adding voiles is also beneficial, not only with heat and glare reduction but also for privacy reasons. Much as the sunshine is a boon in the summer months, laserbeams into the eyeballs is never a fun option at 5:30 am. That’s when blackout or dim-out curtains are a must in the bedroom.

This restricted lifestyle will end at some point. I nearly said ‘soon’, but we’ve really got no idea when things will get back to normal. Whenever it does though, it can’t be soon enough. We’re already getting calls from people who are getting fed up with their ‘imprisoning four walls’. This sounds harsh, but some people are really ready for a change. We’re here if you decide you want to shake things up a bit, ready to have a chat over the phone once we can open our doors again. So make sure you write down your ideas and give us a ring when this strange situation has settled down. We’ll be delighted to help.Summer Curtain Tips - Inches Curtains