Cosying Down for the Cold Months

Yes. I’m afraid it’s that time of year again when we’re all starting to switch on the heating again in order to combat the anticipated deep freeze. I already had to scrape the Inchesmobile (that’s the company van if you hadn’t guessed) a few times in the last week or two, and there are hints of condensation in some of the windows that I’ve passed. A couple of school kids were revelling in breaking the icy covering of a frozen puddle one morning, and even though this made me smile I realised that the weather’s only going in one direction for the next few months. Cold, cold, cold!

I personally don’t mind the cold too much, but I know the majority of you do. Most of my time is spent either at toasty Inches HQ in Cleckheaton or measuring and fitting on-site with customers. It doesn’t really matter whether the heating’s on when I’m doing the latter, as the measuring and fitting tend to be quite energetic and therefore keeps me warm. The little time I spend at home (I like my work – don’t judge me!) sees me cosied up with a mug of hot chocolate, surrounded by the benefits of my trade; plush cushions and sumptuously elegant throws, with heavy-lined, luscious fabric curtains keeping out the dark, cold evenings. What’s not to like about that?

It’s during the autumn months that people start to think in earnest about the drafts that might have irritated them last winter. We know this because they come along to see us in-store to find out how best to arm themselves against the coming season. Gone now are ideas about lightweight, flouncy cottons and linens that let the light flood in. Instead, “thick”, “snug”, “velvety” and “draft exclusion” are the words and phrases most often used. Thankfully, we can accommodate all of those terms and have been doing so for over thirty years now. So if you want something thick, snug and velvety that will exclude the draft, you need to pop in to see us, because at Inches – we always go the extra mile!