Back on Track

Fingers crossed, we seem to be slowly navigating HMS Inches closer to the normality shore. I think I’m in the majority when I say that we’ve found it to be a testing few months since the lockdown first got us in its grasp. I, for one, was desperate to get the shop open again, and now that it is, I’m so happy, but also really tired. We’ve been absolutely inundated with customers and new orders. 

The customer issue is a little tricky due to the social distancing rules, which means that there are only allowed to be four customers in-store at any one time. Luckily, everyone understands this and we haven’t heard a single grumble. I really do think that us British folk really do shine in times of adversity. So thank you to everyone who’s been in-store or phoned, and apologies to those of you who’ve not been able to get into the shop when we’ve been too busy.

The influx of new orders is also something of a challenge. You’ve all been planning feverishly over the past few months while you’ve been confined to quarters, and it’s resulted in a LOT of ideas being brought to our attention. Normally, these ideas come along in a nice polite and orderly fashion where we can deal with each one individually and in good time. The problem here is that we’ve had dozens landing in our cutting room all at once. I imagine most curtain-makers are in the same boat. What we will NEVER do though, is rush the projects to get them through quicker, so you may find that your wait time is a little longer than usual. I’m sorry, but this policy leads to mistakes and we don’t do mistakes here at Inches Curtains. If you want imperfect curtains, please go somewhere else!

Inches Curtains - Back on Track

To help alleviate our custom-made service, we’re closing the shop at 2pm on Saturdays and booking appointments specifically for customers who require this service. Unfortunately, we’re unable to lend samples out at the moment due to quarantine laws but people are taking things like this in their stride, so it doesn’t seem to be causing too many problems. Did I mention that my customers are wonderful? 

Just to reiterate that we’re only allowing four customers into the shop at a time, so if we’re up to capacity when you arrive, we apologise. If you’re unable to wait, why not give us a ring and either book a ‘custom-made’ appointment or ask when we tend to be less busy. Hopefully, we’ll get you sorted as quickly as possible.

Inches, going the extra mile.